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About our Founder

Faraz Khan, Founder of Freedom Exhibitions

With a diverse background in the IT industry and a passion for business, Faraz is the visionary behind our dynamic exhibitions. With close to a decade of experience in both IT and human resources (HR), Faraz brings a unique perspective and a blend of expertise to the world of Exhibitions and product showcases.

Having worked with renowned companies such as Google, IBM, and Metro AG, Faraz has gained valuable insights into the intersection of technology, business, and people. Their experience in HR has honed their ability to connect with individuals, understand their needs, and foster collaborative and inclusive environments.

In addition to their IT prowess, Faraz also draws upon a family-owned apparel business with a legacy spanning over 20 years. This rich heritage forms the foundation of Freedom Exhibitions, infusing each exhibition with a sense of tradition, innovation, and style.

Faraz's unique vision for the future of exhibitions extends beyond apparel, encompassing a diverse range of products and brands. By leveraging their IT and HR expertise, Faraz aims to create immersive and inclusive experiences that showcase innovation, connect communities, and facilitate meaningful collaborations.

Join Faraz on a journey where the worlds of branded products, fashion, and human connection converge. Experience the fusion of expertise, craftsmanship, and a commitment to creating extraordinary exhibitions at a location near you.

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